Business Ideas

My name is Gary Gagliardi of the Science of Strategy Institute. Though I once built an INC. 500 software company, my personal commitments to other projects prevent me from pursuing all the software development opportunities that I can foresee in the future. I am using this website to describe some of those opportunities.  I am describing these opportunities in hopes that someone else is willing to work on their software development.

These applications are not fanciful ideas. There are concrete strategic opportunities defined by openings driven by changes in the current marketplace. To those interested, I can explain why these opportunities are strategically solid and the requirements needed to pursue them successfully. Not everyone may be in the position to pursue these opportunities. However, I personally need these products or ones like them to satisfy my own existing customers.  I would start using the products described today if they were available.  All of these products have easy development slopes, requiring a minimum of investment and no new technology. 

You can contact me at gagliardi.gary at gmail or through this site's contact page. 

Currently, this site currently describes the following opportunities: 

  1. The GnowChit App is the working name of the app platform or engine for turning all forms of educational information into game. Like all of the applications on this site, it assume a network infrastructure that support phone/tablet/PC app front ends. This was the first app described on this site. 
  2. The PennyChit App is working name of the app platform for supporting online content in a painless and more productive way. It is offered as an alternative to advertising, paid subscriptions, or Patreon support. It is also the entry point to a peer-to-peer content rating system. 
  3. The ReviewChit App, the world needs a better system of rating entertainment and other content. The new system should provide two things 1) a rating system that gives people the ability to do five-star type rating for films/tv/etc., 2) compare your ratings on those of others to find identify your "cohort", those with similar tastes, 3) in future show you the on how people in your cohort rate the films they have seen and you haven't. Again, I have mapped out the logic, and will post as I get a chance. The system is need because waht drives the tastes of the reviewers at Rotten Tomatoes has nothing to do with what most people like. The most boring, pretentious wastes of time get high rating but so do gross-out humor films like Bridemaids and Girl’s Trip.