The Gnowchit App

GnowChit is the name of a theoretical app platform or engine for turning all forms of educational information into a game. This is a new site, so new material is being developed regularly as my time allows.  The app, as described, is an initial version. The general concept is to replace learning by sitting in classrooms and listening to lectures, reading lesson material, and taking tests. Over the long-term, the idea is to change the classroom into an environment where learners/players come to play together in real time (see Classroom Play). 

I am proposing this application based on the Institute's work with our online Warrior Class training system in competitive strategy. That works shows the people learn better in a challenging environment. That is a fancy way of saying that people learn more from their mistakes than they do their successes. I want the next generation Warrior Class system to be model more after the game apps on phones, with all the familiar reward systems of points, stars, moving up levels, and so on. However, in doing that design, I saw the system I wanted was really a platform for education. A simple but universal platform.

The system should be designed to open knowledge to be accessible to everyone.  This concept is designed to allow educators to create a series of true/false questions that communicate concepts, but anyone can create content for the system.  The material can be submitted by anyone from anywhere at any time. Quality of the material will be judged by used alone as part of the feedback system. This means that you could “crowdsource” the communication of knowledge over time. Each test would get better and better as more and more people contributed to it. In the end, each program would not have one author, but numerous ones.  The only controls would limit material with sexual content to appropriate age groups. Users might initially download the games about topics that interest them, but over time the goal is to move the games into the classroom. Where physical clathe sses are made up of people working through a specific set of games at a specific level of knowledge. 

Below os a short description of game play. For more detail about the app design, see:

App Walkthrough

You can use the sidebar menu to select various documents about the game designed and gameplay, but a brief walkthrough will show how the envisioned system will work: 

1. When you open the app, you login and it shows your game content and a setup option. 

2. When you select a Gnowledge area, you go to the screen that allows you to navigate the sections and levels of that knowledge. 

3. When you select a level, you go to a screen that gives you more detail about it and what it teaches, 

4. Selecting the level again, you get the first question in that series of questions, Questions are ordered, though right and wrong answers appear randomly, Questions and answers are kept short to speed gameplay and simplify knowledge to the lowest possible level. A single question is called a "Chit". 

5. Sliding right or left selects either answer as correct. If you selection is wrong, it will show up immediately. Percentage correct is updated as well. You nit bottom to go to next question. This example is of a Bad Chit. 

6. The next question is displayed. 

7. The user again selects. Gameplay is designed to go quickly. This example is of a Good Chit. 

8. At the end of the Level, you fail if you get fewer than 75%. Too much Bad Chit, not enough Good Chit. 

9. A score of 75% unlocks next level. Better performance awards stars. 

10. Completing a level unlocks the ne

xt level.