The PennyChit App

The PennyChit App pays for online content painlessly, eliminating the need for selling ads that are making Google and Facebook rich, provides more user privacy, and rewards all types of content providers more directly.

Currently, online content providers need to show you ads or sell you subscriptions to support themselves. People hate ads and subscriptions for a lot of reasons. But how many people would pay a penny (or a fraction of a penny) to online content?  "Free" content isn't free because it requires our bandwidth (both mental and electronic) in dealing with ads. It is "free" but painful.  "Penny" content allows browsers to pay for the content to support the content provider so they can enjoy ad-free content painlessly. 

Think how simple the software is. On the server side, a library function that records the visit. On the server side, an app extention that identifies the user and okays payments to that site in future. The user is registered and gets billed once a month for all the articles read. The content providers get paid once a month for all visits by all users. Assure users of complete security. Put your security guarantees in bold face at top of user guarantee. You will never share their individual user data with anyone and will only share the consolidated user stats so content providers can better understand their audience. 

Saleswise, the marketing is all "small over big" because the system supports small companies the same as big companies. For those that hate the dominance of Google and Facebook and them collecting data to advertise to them it destroys their source of revenue. 

This positioning provides some insulation from "big company duplication", which will happen but which won't be as appealing because they cannot be trusted. 

This idea is based on the current "" service that content providers of small content are already using, but which charges a fixed rate per month. Some content providers are getting tens of thousands a month from patrons. I patronize some content prodivers already (like quillette for $1 a month) but the model is nutty. 

One reason this can work is that it will appeal to the secret financial source of many internet advances,  though I hate to say it, the porn industry. This may be where you start (using perhaps a different name) to build infrastructure. Lots of people don't want to register with porn sites (for good reason) but porn wants to charge. Almost all porn could repackaged into "penny packages" short videos that learn from one to another and only cost a penny each. 

This business is a perfect entry to my idea of peer-to-peer content rating systems that matches content ratings people to people like them. Starts with on-line penny content, but then expands to movies and music. 

Over time, I will describe this concept futher as I have the gnowchit app.