Rating System

For rating movie content on a peer-to-peer rating system, I like the five-star systems,  but it is really a 1-10 system because it should allow half star. However, any rating system should allow viewers to "drill down" to see how you arrived at your ratings. Is it possible to break down each of the five stars into something meaningful in more detail? The goal is to rate well-balanced movies the highest. Greatness in one category cannot win more than one star. A really great movie must hit all the notes. 

I see five categories which can be rated from 0-2, where two equals a whole star, one equals a half star, and zero equals no star in that category. Assuming such a system, what would the best five categories be? I would suggest the following: 

Production Quality: This includes the quality of the script, acting, direction, and photography. The three levels would be: 0=distractingly low quality, 1=acceptable quality, 2=excellent quality that improves the experience. 

Emotional Impact: This is a big one for me. I want to see movies where  I feel something laughing or crying, hating or loving: 0=no feeling, 1=moments of feeling, 3=a range of feeling throughout

Plot Unpredictability: This is a rating of the plot. I like movies that are surprising. Not all predictable movies are bad, but they are all predictable. Why keep watching if you know what is going to happen: 0=predictable, 1=a few surprises, 2=never knew where it was going.

Content Novelty: We want to see a new aspect of the world. We want new settings, new ideas, new perspectives. Plot twists in the same old contexts is not enough:   0=Nothing 1=Learn something, 2=a new world. 

Timeless Meaning: Drama can tell deep truths about the human condition. Movies can be entertaining but meaningless. The best movies have meaning, 0=meaninglists, 1=some meaning, 2=deep meaning.