Reward Systems

The reward system should incentives learners to do for rewards what they would not normally do just for the pleasure of doing it. Ideally, the rewards would make the game as addictive as possible. These rewards should be designed to increase the motivation for the tasks of learning beyond the normal pleasure of winning the game ( "overjustification effect"). This is only one aspect of what makes a game fun, but it is a key one. 

There are earned level rewards:

  1. Unlock new level rewards: Basic reward system where completing one level unlocks another.
  2. User promotion rewards: User advances based upon an accumulation of points apart from levels. 

There are game points rewards: 

  1. Game level points: Each game level is scored by the percentage of correct multiplied by some formula by time. As player's user level increases, game points are discounted. 
  2. Bonus game points: Additional points awarded for perfect games (no errors), declining on number of times game has been played up to some max. 
  3. Best score bonus: Additional points for a new best score, discounted by user level. 

There are best score list points (list is based on used "group" assigned by either system based on time playing and user level or by education supervisor): 

  1. Move up list bonus: Addition points for moving up "best score" list by the number of places moved. 
  2. Top five bonus: Additional points for scoring on top five list. 
  3. Top score bonus: Addition points for getting best score. 

There are timed rewards. 

  1. Fixed ratio schedule: the player gets a reward after a fixed number of actions
  2. Variable ratio schedule: the player gets a reward after a random number of actions
  3. Fixed interval schedule: the player gets a reward after a fixed interval of time
  4. Variable interval schedule: the player gets a reward after a variable interval of time

There are gameplay rewards:

  1. Game hint/help reward: A reward that one earned allows used to get a hint or help at certain points in game,
  2. Power-up reward: A reward that temporarily increases the point value of correct answers.
  3. Special tool reward: A reward that gives an advantage of a specific time: extra time in a level, extra moves, etc. 

There are task completion awards:

  1. Task awards: The reward assigns the player a new task that requires the collection of a set of "task elements".  The task is the assembling a complete set of the necessary elements. Tasks can be assigned or won by any event that would normally trigger an award of any other type. 
  2. Task element awards: This a is an element of a task. Task elements can be discovered randomly by triggering other awards or can be awarded by certain specific accomplishments such as two best times in a row. The triggering event can be hidden or explained to player. 
  3. Task completion awards: These are the rewards won by collecting all task elements. They can be gameplay awards, or points.