Game Creation

Initially, game creation will be done in HTML. The format is simple. The various levels of header formats (H1, H2, etc) would be sued to define the title of the game, ID number, category, sections, levels, etc. Questions would be in a number list under the Level heading. Questions will be presented initially in the order numbered. Answers are a bullet list under the numbered list. The correct answer is first in bulleted list and perhaps shown in bold. Any number of incorrect answers can be presented following the correct answer. When presented by the system, the correct answer will be randomly placed in the first or second position. One of the incorrect answers will be placed above of below it. 

An HTML example below shows the app shown on the walkthrough on the Home page. 


World History 101

Section 1 

Level 1 - Prehistory

Level 14 Voyages of Discovery


1. Columbus landed in the new world in:

• 1492
• 1776
• 1556
• 1432
2. Francisco Pizarro fought the:
• Incans
• Mayans
• Aztecs